Hitler Youth/ High Command Decoration for Distinguished Foreigners in his Envelope–HJ, Very hard to find!

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One of the rarest, scarcest and most difficult to find badges of the Hitlerjugend at an excellent price. Instituted in 1941 by the High Command of the Hitler Jugend, to reward service by foreign citizens. It could only be conferred on non-Germans. This award was probably not awarded more than 350 times, making it a very rare award. Among others, this prize in Spain was given to D. José Antonio Elola-Olaso and Dñ. Pilar Primo de Rivera.

We have been lucky enough to personally contact the son of the last Head of the Hitler Youth in Spain from 1944 to 1945, the Landesjugendfürer Bernhad Feuerriegel, who after the end of WW2 settled in the north of Spain.

We have been able to acquire several brand new units of this magnificent, rare and scarce “HJ” Badge of Honor awarded only to Distinguished Foreigners (Ehrenzeichen der HJ-Reichsjugendführung für verdiente Ausländer).

All, brand new, are as is, just as we have taken them out of their packaging, kept since the end of WW2 by the family in Spain, in perfect condition, wrapped in their packaging paper and their concession envelope original.

We put with the express permission of the son, photos taken by us of:

1/ From the original complete Wehrpas and Reisepass of the Landesjugendfürer Bernhad Feuerriegel

2 / Of various original documents accrediting his command and request in Spain

3/ From various original photos

4/ From newspaper clippings of the time in German and Spanish, undeniably accrediting its originality.

NOTICE.- We have sent these badges to Germany to be certified by one of the most refuted and well-known dealers in Germany, an expert in this type of award, who has done so and has sent us a “photo-certificate of originality” as 100% original, The buyer will be given a copy of the “photo-certificate” received and our photo-certificate of authenticity for life and for all purposes.

This is a non-ferrous oval plate measuring 34mm by 28mm and slightly convex. It has a fine raised edge line and a similar line with a 2mm indent. On the line of chocolate-colored opaque enamel is the inscription ‘HITLER JUGEND’. The central field is filled with opaque whitish enamel. The raised metal parts of the badge are gilded and a broad-winged political eagle is placed over the body of the badge, the wings overlapping the edge of the badge. The HJ diamond is overlaid on a pair of oak leaves that protrude vertically through the plate. The eagle measures 28mm from the tip of the HJ diamond to the top of the head and the wingspan is 32mm. The HJ diamond measures 18mm by 12mm. All metal parts of the eagle and HJ insignia are finished in matte silver. The reverse is smooth with three holes with rivets. On the reverse of the oblong plate, it has a crimp in the middle through which the safety pin clip passes. The oblong plate measures 14mm by 5.5mm. The entire reverse is gilded with the part of the rivets that protrudes in silver.

Very rarely is it original and in perfect condition, with abundant documentation from the Head of the HJ in Spain (even if they are photos of the originals taken by us) but which reliably demonstrate its origin.