Historic German Passport marked “Judenstempel” from 1939. In perfect condition. Very hard to find with Dresdner bank stamp

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German passport marked with the Jewish stamp «J» (Judenstempel) with all the personal data of this man on page 2 and 3. It is about a gentleman from Berlin called middle name “Israel” (Nazi racial laws forced all Jewish women to put “Israel” as middle name) of Jewish descent, born on September 22, 1874, of medium height ( gestalt: mittel), oval face (gesicht: oval), brown eyes (farbe der augen: braün), etc, signed in Berlin on June 12, 1939. Complete with its 32 pages and photo (Reisepass “J” für Juden) of the second model from 1936, when the Weimar eagle is replaced by a Hoheitszeichen (eagle and swastika) between Deutsches Reich and Reisepass, it is marked with a large letter red «J» for identification of citizens of Jewish origin. German passports were generally valid for ten years, but this passport for Jews was only valid for one year. This passport has stamps and visas from the Consulate General of Chile, it is signed by the Consul. Also and very important, stamp of the bank “Dresdner Bank Depositenkasse 45”. Note.- In 1997, the Eugen-Gutmann Foundation, created by the Dresdner Bank and the R. Oldenbourg publishing house, carried out a study in which the critical judgments of historians such as Johannes Bähr, Klaus-Dietmar Henke, Harald Wixforth and Dieter Ziegler were recorded. about how bank employees were involved in the murder machine of the Hitler regime. There it is verified and described how said bank maintained economic relations with the SS and acquired parts of companies that organized the Holocaust. The “Dresdner Bank” admitted through its member of the Board of Directors, Wulf Meier in 2006, that the bank had been aware of the holocaust, and that it participated in the financing of extermination facilities, planning to become the largest financial institution of the future Nazi empire.