German Polychrome Iron Chest, possibly 17th / 8th century


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German military chest (possibly from the South of Germany, where they were made of iron and wood with polychrome reliefs), possibly from the late 17th or early 18th century with its key. It has the legend “Zeige Dich wie Du bist” (Show yourself as you are) on the front, with coats of arms and a butterfly on the lid. The chest has two iron handles, the plates that form the box are reinforced on their edges with riveted scalloped corner pieces. Both the top and the floor are reinforced by smooth iron bands fastened with riveted nails. The lid with stop is held by two large espagnolettes as hinges. The wooden interior lined with red velvet is held in place by riveted flat-head nails, probably restored in 18th-century style. It has 4 ball-shaped iron legs for support. Excellent state of conservation, the lock decorated with its key works perfectly.

Measures: 51 cm wide X 31 cm deep and 34 cm high

Note.- Very heavy.