German Passport Marked «Judenstempel» from 1938. Mint Condition. Very hard to find



German passport marked with the Jewish stamp «J» (Judenstempel) with all the personal data of this man on pages 2 and 3.

On page 3 there is relevant information about this person, such as the fact that he is a man from Berlin of Jewish descent, who was born on May 29, 1898, who was of medium height (gestalt: mittel), with an oval face (gesicht: oval), etc. Signed on September 13, 1938 by the Berlin Police Chief, 2nd Department (Der Polizeipräsident in Berlin, abteilung II ).

Complete with its 32 pages and photo (Reisepass “J” für Juden) of the second model from 1936, when the Weimar eagle is replaced by a Hoheitszeichen (eagle and swastika) between Deutsches Reich and Reisepass, it is marked with a large letter red «J» for identification of citizens of Jewish origin. German passports were generally valid for ten years, but this passport for Jews was only valid for one year.

This passport has stamps and visas from the Consulate of the Republic of Bolivia, Consulate General of the Republic of Paraguay, Consulate General of Chile, Consulate of France in Berlin with the prohibition of stepping on Spanish soil, Belgian Consulate, and signed by each Consul of their country. .