German Passport 1938

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Complete passport for a une German woman named “Erika”, issued on February 9, 1938 in Davos City, Swiss commune of the canton of Graubünden, located in the district of Prättigau/Davos. With a duration of 5 years, with its 32 pages and photo (Reisepass) of the second model from 1936, when the Weimar eagle was replaced by a Hoheitszeichen (eagle and swastika) between Deutsches Reich and Reisepass.

Born in Neuss, a city in the west of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, on August 20, 1911, she had a daughter born on August 30, 1936, domiciled in Santiago de Chile. The passport is signed by the German Consulate in Davos. She has a stamp from the Chilean Passport Control Office, a definitive visa seen at the Chilean Consulate General in Germany, and different stamps on the last page of the passport.