German Passport 1937


Complete German passport of a mother and her daughter issued on October 1, 1937 in Wermelskirchen, a German town located in the Rheinisch-Bergische district, with a duration of 5 years, with its 32 pages and photo (Reisepass) of the second model from 1936, when the Weimar eagle was replaced by a Hoheitszeichen (eagle and swastika) between Deutsches Reich and Reisepass.

Both domiciled in Wermelskirchen, the mother born on November 30, 1902, the daughter on July 19, 1932. It is signed by the Bürgermeister als Ortspolizeibehörde of Wermelskirchen (The Mayor as local police authority). It has a stamp from the Chilean Passport Control Office, visa subject to contract with the approval of the Consulate General of Chile in Hamburg on November 29, 1937 signed by Consul Cesáreo Álvarez de la Rivera, exit stamp from Hamburg, etc.