Frag/banner of the Veterans Association of Sichertshausen 1924-1928



Flag/banner of the Imperial Army from the time of the Weimar Republic of the WW1 Veterans Association of the city of Sichertshausen in the region of Baden Württemberg (Fahne des Kriegervereins Sichertshausen), hand-embroidered on artificial silk and rayon, double face, bears oak leaves on the corners, and in the center an eagle with outstretched wings resting on a shield with two crossed swords, a helmet M16/18 and an Iron Cross 1st class with the legend around in the center ” Deutschlands Ehre, Ruhm und Taten halten hoch wir Kameraden”, allusion to “Germany’s honour, glory and courage of comrades”, on the back on blue silk in letters embroidered in gold thread the legend “Kriegerverein Sichertshausen 1924 – 1928 “, (Sichertshausen Veterans Association 1924 to 1928), has fringes in gold thread around it and the hoops to hang from the mast are present. It is preserved in excellent condition. Most of all these beautiful relics are in tatters, rarely found in this state. Very rare and in perfect condition.

It measures 124cm by 104cm.