Early SA Dagger, 1933/1935 from the Rare Manufacturer “Kaufmann & Söhne, Solingen”. Rated 7 out of 10 on the “McSarr” Scale



An early model 1933/1935 dagger (bearing SA group stamp on the reverse of the lower crossguard) for the “SA” (Sturmabteilung) or the “NSKK” (Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps) with a very early anodized “SS” scabbard oxide used by both organizations very early on. Manufactured by “Kaufmann & Söhne, Solingen” as evidenced by the logo stamped on the reverse of the blade. The wooden grip presents in excellent condition, with rich brown tones that speak to its durable, crack-free quality. Adorning the grip is the perfectly fitting eagle, accompanied by the early enamelled SA emblem. The eagle has detailed features such as wing plumage, crown and swastika. In particular, the inverted lower crossmember bears “Nrh” quality control inspection mark, indicative of its association with the district of Neiderrhein. The blade cross-grain carbon steel blade is engraved with the SA motto “Alles für Deutschland” (All for Germany). The blade perfectly balanced with the crosshead, fitting perfectly. The scabbard, characterized by its anodized lacquer, maintains a commendable condition, surprisingly free of knocks or dents. In short, this early SA dagger embodies the expert craftsmanship of this rare maker. All patina matches throughout. All the adjustments are there! Only the nut has been turned and has tiny notches.

Note.- It has a notable rarity rating of 7 out of 10 on the McSaar scale.