DJ Second Pattern Shoulder Strap with RZM



Of the second model (Schulterklappe) for the german youth “Deutsche Jungvolk”, in black rayon. On the obverse we can see machine woven with white threads (unlike the first model) the numbers of the “Unit or Bann”, in this case belonging to “Unit 742” (Bann 742) corresponding to the town of Rappoltsweiler de Gau Baden South, annexed like all of Alsace/Moselle by the Third Reich from 1940 to 1945. The “Bann 742” was created on “February 1, 1941” after the German invasion of France. These often followed the numbers of an army regiment raised in the same area.

On the back it retains its 2nd model “RZM” paper label with the number “367” in blue ink, indicative of the manufacturer “Rudolf Fakler, Berlin”.

Note.- DJ only wore a one shoulder pad