Decorated Ceramic Beer Mug with “Stahlhelm” Dedication


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Beautiful commemorative ceramic beer mug (Stein) of 16.5 cm high with tin lid and “0.5L” calibration. Comes with a printed Imperial War Flag (Kaiserliche kriegsflagge) with the dedication “Zur Erinnrung an meine Dienstzeit im Stahlhelm”, (Commemorating my period of service in Stahlhelm) and the legend “Reserve hat Ruh”, below the name of the owner “Karl Behn “, and on the base of the jug the manufacturer’s manufactory “Rein. Görnemann Höhr-Grenzhausen”. Keeps its colors alive, perfect condition.
Some are found but in poor condition or without a lid.

Note.- The manufacturer was a renowned and famous glass and ceramic decorator at the time, founding the company in 1912 in Höhr, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia, (now Höhr-Grenzhausen. Rhineland Palatinate). In 1932 he was joined by his sons Paul and Rudolf. In 1939, Reinhold had died, Paul left the company and founded another business in Adolf Hitler Stra ße Rheinstra ß, which operated until 1961.