Case with the Grand Cross and Cross in Gold (18K) Commander with its Band of the Order of Isabel la Católica. Manufacture of “CEJALVO Y GARCIA, MADRID”. Circa 1860. Alfonso XII

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Exceptional presentation case with the Knight’s Grand Cross Plaque of the Order of Isabella the Catholic and the Commendation in gold 18K (confirmed in jewelry) with its band, manufacture of “CEJALVO Y GARCIA, MADRID”, circa 1860.

The case consists of:

1/ Grand Cross of fine manufacturing Alfonso XII Era (1847-1868). Made of fine gold with hand-painted enamels. The perfect enamels, on the reverse it keeps its vertical pin flanked by double prongs. Multi-piece construction. The small cross at the top of the crown is missing. Used, but in excellent condition. On the back the cipher “FR” royal figure of Isabel II bordered in white with the inscription POR ISABEL LA CATOLICA.

Size: 84.10 x 84.27mm. Weight: 68.6 grams.

2/ Venera with its moiré silk band 100 mm wide, white, with two yellow stripes 24 mm wide, the two ends are joined by a loop from which the scallop of the Order hangs. A Cross neck with red arms with gold fillets, in the interarms bursts of gold that start from the central circle with columns of Hercules linked by the Inscription PLUS ULTRA, together with crowned superimposed spheres, with the inscription A LA LEALTAD ACRISOLADA (To the Pure Loyalty) on a white enameled border, and as a background, illuminating the whole, a sun at its rising, by the ocean, all enamelled, painted by hand. The reverse shows a blue circle with the cipher “RFO7” (number of Ferdinand VII) crowned in gold surrounded by a white enameled border and an inscription POR ISABEL LA CATÓLICA. The cross is suspended by a green laurel wreath, also enamelled in gold, which is attached to a gold hoop for the ribbon. From 1815 to 1847 and from 1875 to 1931. Made of pure gold. Also excellent hand painted enamel. No damage of any kind.

Cross size: 45.55 x 59.37 mm (without ring). Weight: 22.9 grams.

Band size: 80 x 10 cm.

The original dark red issue case with manufacture of “CEJALVO Y GARCIA, MADRID”. In the upper part, the golden shield of Spain with the Pillars of Hercules. It appeared during the reign of Felipe V and was used until 1868. Inside, black velvet inlay and white lining. It doesn’t close properly. Signs of use.