Case with the German Cross 1941 in Gold. Code «20» for Zimermman. Light Type.



Case with the German Cross in Gold (Deutsches Kreuz in Gold), light version (Cupal) with four hollow rivets, made in five pieces, black and red enamel plate. The cross features a black, enameled, near-perfect raised swastika, with leaf crown, with the date “1941” impressed at the bottom on a red enamel base. The red enamel base is visible as a fine outline on either side of the crown. On the back, it has its pin intact and in the center it has the numerical code “20” well marked, which indicates a manufacture belonging to “CF Zimermman in Pforzheim”, it has a weight of 45 grams and a width of 62.7 mm. The perfect case, it maintains the golden line around it, inside black velvet and white satin. It opens and closes perfectly. State 1/2+.