Book-album Documentary of 1929


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Original documentary book-album from the time around 1929 (Not recently reprinted) of WW1 dedicated to the unknown soldiers, contains 350 pages with about 400 strong sepia photos from the perspective of the allies, with very little text, the photos are eloquent and tell things as they really were. It is deluxely edited from the period in leather and hardboard hardcover with gold lettering on the spine, with minimal signs of wear through the years. The album/book is clean, straight, there are no loose, missing, bent or torn pages. No writing, no underlining. Incredible quality and craftsmanship in this old book, most images are full page size, some are half page size. These photos are reproduced using a kind of lithography process, and are sharp and clear. There are many photos of soldiers in the trenches, artillery, bombs, daily life, dead, etc.