BDM/JM Passport



German passport (Reisepass) complete with its 32 intact pages for a girl from the BDM/JM (very rare, see the photo well, she wears the typical tie with the leather knot, the Lederknoten) from 1939, born in Augsburg on November 16 of 1922. Signed by the Polizeipräsident (Chief of Police) on April 22, 1939. It has a stamp of validity both in the nation and abroad (im inland und im ausland), valid until April 22, 1940. She was made as a tourist to be able to meet her father who had properties in Chile (possibly they fled because they were Jews due to the Racial Laws approved in Nuremberg in 1935, although she had entered before this Law). Different stamps and letterheads. from Chile, Germany and Italy. Very rare.