Afrikakorps/ M31 Tropical Canteen & Cup, 1943



M31 tropical canteen called “Coco” typical of the Afrikakorps (Tropen Feldflasche 31 und Trinkbecher) made of aluminum with an impregnated wooden cover, it is marked on the back in a circle with the “D.R.G.M.”, the Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmuster patent, that is, its design and use were registered and protected. It is not a patent, although the Germans often referred to it as the “Kleines Reichspatent”, below “H.R.E. 43”, the name of the producer: Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen 1943, and finally the “D.R.P. angm”, or Deutsches Reichspatent Angemeldet; meaning it was applied to the German Reich Patent Office to protect its design and use. It has typical khaki canvas straps, a friction buckle patented by “Ritter”, the black Bakelite cup and a specific canteen cap for the Coco canteen. It was designed especially for the North African front. Very good used condition.