A Commemorative Medal for the 400TH Anniversary of the Foundation of the Escorial Monastery, 1963. Franco Era



Commemorative Medal of the 400th Anniversary of the Foundation of El Escorial in its Case. Round-shaped medal is 8 cm in diameter, made of bronze. The front part depicting the cuirassed bust of Philip Il of Spain in a three-quarter view to the left, on either side of the head ‘ANNO MDLXIII’; along the border, legend ‘. PHILIPPVS II. HISP. REX. REG AESCVR. MONASTIDIT”. On the back, view of one of the courtyards of the Escorial with the Basilica of San Lorenzo in the background; along the border, legend ‘FRANCISCVS. FRANCO. HISP. DVX. IDEM. MONAST. REFIGIENDVM. CVRAVIT YEAR. MCMLXIII.’. The medal is kept in a case with gold imprints; on the cover at the centre, coat of arms of Spain with an eagle with spread wings, coat of arms of Philip II of Spain and coat of arms of Francisco Franco, at the bottom a gilded, silver plate with inscription ‘Al Excmo S. D. ALEJANDRO TORREJON MONTERO Consejero de Agricultura del P. N.Nal. En el IV Centenario de la Fundacion del Real Monasterio de El Escorial 1563 – 1963’. Very good. Har to find!!