2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger by Paul Weyersberg, Waffenamt “5”



Dagger of the 2nd model (Offizierdolch) of Luftwaffe Officer from the manufacturer “Paul Weyersberg, Solingen”, model 1937 (regulatory as of July 15, 1937 to replace the old Fliegerdolch), high quality and with all matching fittings . The nickel-plated steel blade is double cut, is in very good condition with some small imperfections and is marked with the logo and the control mark (Waffenamt) typical of this manufacturer, a bird with the number 5. The pommel shows typical wear, but still retains its of gold anodizing on the swastika, which is nice to see. Most of these daggers have completely lost this gold finish. The dark orange celluloid handle with its spirally wound wire is smol chipped at the end, which cannot be seen because it is covered with the portepee, but it does not detract from it. It has a greyish (late war) grained steel scabbard with an oak leaf panel near the end. Overall in very good condition and high quality.