1939 Iron Cross 1st Class “L/54” Screwback in LDO “L/54” Case

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1939 EK1 “L/54” screwback model in case L/54 (Eisernes Kreuz I Klasse L/54 im LDO-Etui) manufacture of “Schauerte & Höhfeld de Lüdenscheid” both on the case and on the EK1. The EK1 in a very good condition, little used. The iron core with all its perfect matte black lacquer, 3 pieces, matte silver frames. On the back marked the code «L/54». Case in excellent condition, the black velvet interior on base and 2nd model “LDO” logo printed inside white satin lid. On the outside back of the case is stamped “E.K.1 Schraube L/54”. Remains of the original price tag.

Note.- Very rare that both the EK1 and the case coincide. Very nice example.